2014 Century Scholars -- A Stellar Group

By Dr. Don Coberly, Superintendent, Boise School District:

As we approach the award ceremony for the 2015 Century Scholars on April 14, it’s time to take a look back at the 2014 Scholars – a group of Boise School District students who are now enrolled far and wide across the United States (and even abroad) in college.

The Century Scholars Awards are sponsored by the Rotary Clubs of Boise, organizations committed to service and supportive of education. The Scholars awards were originated in Boise by then Superintendent Stan Olson as a means for recognizing the best and brightest in Boise’s schools. The awards recognize students with the highest GPA in Boise’s five high schools, along with the two private high schools in the city.

Eighty-eight of the 100 (5% of the senior class) 2014 Scholars were from the Boise District. Here are some statistics about those students:

Average Scholar Weighted GPA: 4.22
Average SAT score: 1981 (of 2400)
Number of Scholars who scored 2000 or above on the SAT: 47
Number of perfect (800) Scores in SAT Reading: 4
Number of perfect scores in SAT Math: 10

The 2014 Scholars are currently attending colleges and universities in 26 states. Fifteen (18%) are going to school in Idaho – 7 to Boise State, 4 to the University of Idaho, 3 to the College of Idaho, and 1 to Idaho State University.

Twelve (15%) are at college in these locations in California: Stanford, Claremont-McKenna, Occidental, Pepperdine, Cal-Berkeley, Cal-Davis, Cal-Santa Barbara, UCLA, and USC (2), California Polytechnic.

Ten (12%) are in Utah: 5 at BYU, 2 at the University of Utah, 2 at Utah State University, and 1 at Westminster College in Salt Lake City.

Some are attending elite private universities around the country: Colby College (ME), Colorado College, Emory University (GA) (2), Grinnell College (IA), Wake Forest University (NC), and Santa Clara University (CA).

Others are at Ivy League and other prestigious universities and colleges: Harvard, Cornell, Penn, Princeton, Georgetown, and the University of Chicago,

State colleges, especially those with strong engineering programs, are also favorites of the 2014 Century Scholars: Arizona State, Montana State (3), Portland State, Texas A & M (2), Tulane, Colorado (2), Iowa, Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, Pittsburgh, and Western Washington.

And finally, two of the 2014 Scholars are enrolled at the United States Military Academy in West Point, New York, one is on a mission for his church, and one is enrolled at a university in South Korea.

Quite an auspicious group of Boise Schools grads. It’s true – our students can (and do) go everywhere!

For more, please visit Dr. Coberly’s blog, Data Points.